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    Construction Professional in Greater Chicago, Illinois

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    Owner at Hamilton Construction

    The owner and president of Hamilton Construction in the Chicago suburb of Frankfort, Illinois, Marc A. Morale has overseen a wide variety of sewer and water main projects, including a number of land reclamation efforts. His responsibilities with Hamilton encompass all elements of oversight in the construction process, from supplying initial project cost estimates to performing a range of on-site surveying, engineering, and management functions. Marc Morale has led daily operations at Hamilton for more than two decades.


    Outside of the construction industry, Marc Morale is an experienced scuba diver who has secured multiple professional and technical certifications through Technical Diving International and Scuba Diving International. He is actively qualified to educate new learners of the sport as well as experienced divers who wish to become instructors.


    Mr. Morale is an accomplished underwater photographer and videographer who created and published a comprehensive manual on the subject. He has also delivered multiple presentations about underwater videography through the Dive Equipment & Marketing Association.

  • Education 

    Illinois Institute of Technology

    Civil Engineering 1986-2001

    Graphic Design, Computer Arts

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